About Rasma

There’s a family myth (or maybe I made it up as a child) that my name means ‘unpredictable’ in Latvian. Certainly, I entered the world late and have followed my own path ever since.

In the old days, one’s level of responsibility was measured by the number of keys you held; these days one could say this is now measured in the number of websites one is responsible for. This is my fifth.

It could be linked to my original: quantumnorth.com, where the work I used to do with Quantum Biofeedback and Sekhem is explained and links to animal, human and land clients are maintained. However, I am not tech-savvy enough.

It has nothing to do with my second: rasmabertzvoice.com. This is the site to keep abreast of my musical activities as a singer (medieval to baroque specialist, although I also sing folk and jazz), and percussionist (timpani and most other things that clonk, ding or boom!)

The photographs on this site are all my own, and my photo gallery website: galleryrasma.com is intermittently updated with more recent photos available for sale in various formats.

In 2019, I returned to university as a postgraduate student in the Department of Information Studies at Aberystwyth University. The blog became a bit of a diary of the pandemic while I studied archive administration as a way to formalise my library and special collections experience, and as an adjunct to my studies and practice as a creative and formal book binder. Site number four : Lovingly Bound

Since graduating (MA with distinction), I’ve renovated a house, moved, got engaged after 22 years and started a new blog series on buildings of Aberystwyth, where we have chosen to remain for now.

And in case you really are interested, my other loves include my fiancé, 2 cheeky ferrets called Taliesin and Tiamat, 2 cats named Merlyn and Tomàs, and the rather lovely house which we built in Canada in 2011, but which we left behind (still in the family thanks to my folks who are also on the love list) to come back to the UK. In between, I volunteer for the National Library and various other archives, mountain bike, dabble with art and paper-cutting, garden, sing, and make things beautiful.

That’s enough to keep anyone on their toes, but it’s the unpredictable little joys of every day life that really keeps me going. And that’s what this site is about: my unpredictable musings.

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