Advice from a Mad March Hare


Guru – U R U…fly your own magic carpet  (Ganga Giri)

We tend to measure our success against the examples provided in our society by people who are, in reality, the minority. Very few possess the single minded focus, drive and ambition to succeed in grandiose style. These are the people who fly their own magic carpets, or to bring the analogy down to earth…they create their own rabbit warrens, be it as an artist, philanthropist, politico or dictator.

They set the rest of us yearning for the same recognition and fame. We forget that most of us are capable of quietly being successful in our own ways because all we see and hear about are their stories, and they make us feel we are lacking in some way. It’s true…we can also be inspired, but we can also be waylaid from our very own real existence.

There are many rabbit warrens. They are accessed by numerous rabbit holes. The thing about rabbit holes is that unless you create your own rabbit hole to the warren of your choosing, you can never be certain where the rabbit hole will lead. Try hunting rabbits with a ferret…you can net a hole, send your jill down another and most of the rabbits will stream out from a hole a mile away!

Too often we get persuaded to go down rabbit holes that have nothing to do with us – perhaps we are with someone whom we trust or love so much we would follow anywhere; perhaps we are naturally gullible or lazy; perhaps we are glamoured by the yearning; perhaps we need a little danger to spice up our lives; perhaps it’s easier to sit under the Bodhi tree reading self-help books than to take courage and follow our own hearts.

It doesn’t really matter…we’ve all been there. We’ve all gone down a rabbit hole that has provided us with a learning curve in the form of a set back. So while we may not be destined to go out there and create our own warren (although this can be as simple as creating a safe haven at home), there is nothing stopping us from choosing wisely…stopping…listening to our heart…when it comes to diving down a rabbit hole.

Better yet…create your own entrance, exit and pathway, small or large. Forget the rabbit hole…create an [insert name] hole. When I was a child, one of my favourite records was a Vivien Leigh recording of Beatrix Potter’s Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies. It was accompanied by catchy songs sung by Leigh and the cast. The song that has gone with me my entire life goes like this:

Follow your heart
Just where it takes you
And it will take you anywhere you want to go
And if you should ever be in doubt
Your heart will always find a simple way out
Follow your heart
Follow it blindly
And it will take you on a journey to a star
A million, million miles need not be very far
Just follow your heart
And there you are!




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