To Shoot or Not to Shoot : That is the Question


Hard to believe, this beautiful creature is a flu virus.

Yes. It’s that time of year again. The signs for flu shots are out in full force, and children are taking home consent forms, requiring their parents’ justification for opting in or out of school vaccine programmes.

I nearly died because of a vaccine (polio). I have personally known people who have died, or nearly died, or reacted way beyond the benefits of the shot, because of a vaccine – either due to an allergy to one of the non-vaccine ingredients, or because they reacted to the virus pattern in the vaccine. I have known people, vaccinated, who contracted the virus anyway. I have known people who haven’t had a vaccine or a virus in their life. It’s a little bit like Russian roulette!

Everyone is different and is going to react differently. It depends on a whole range of factors – your innate immune system for starters, as well as your diet, lifestyle, addiction patterns, genes and a host of other things.

There was a study that showed a 36% reduction in senior mortality rates in Japan (home of the face mask) thanks to targeting school children as a high-transmitter group.(1) The same study showed absolutely no change in senior mortality rates in the States, in spite of increasing the vaccine demographic. So what did it really prove? Probably that American seniors have an entirely different lifestyle that creates entirely different health risks. Or maybe there is something to the face mask.

Meanwhile, we are left with an emotionally charged situation on both sides of the vaccine line, and a growing population of health-weak people who are growing increasingly more dependent on big pharma.

As one of the immuno-compromised, for whom vaccines are a potential killer, I have learned other ways to do battle with the bugs. I do admit to a slightly Darwinian belief that if I contract something serious and die, then that is what was meant to be. Survival of the fittest and all that. It doesn’t mean that I am going to lie there and take it – I will fight and I will do what I can to prevent or treat, using the methods that are safe for me.

I have a hard time reconciling to the point that the eugenic crowd took it, and I certainly couldn’t condone a cull of humans – in the same manner that we manage other animal populations – but, what if these bugs, super bugs and mutations are the planet’s way of inoculating itself against the biggest pandemic of them all – Homo Sapiens?

In which case, do we continue to pit our intellect and will against our host; do we find more symbiotic ways of living; do we give up and see how the population changes when we leave well enough alone?

No one wants to see their child, sibling, parent, friend or anyone else die. It is horrible watching a loved one die of something society believes is preventable; or seeing a newborn baby give up the ghost before they have even had a chance at life; or for doctors to lose patients…does that mean it’s going to stop happening?


Just because society has thrown lots of money into the research and development of things that can keep us alive (not necessarily healthier or happier), doesn’t mean that we can cheat death. And the one thing that humans dread right down to their bones, is death.

Sorry folks. It’s a fact of life. Death happens.

Perhaps we have to look at that fear and develop new ways of honouring death, rather than trying to trick it and ourselves, all the time.

Meanwhile, what can be done about flu season? 

Everyone has the right to make their own decisions. No one has the right to put other people at risk.

If you choose to have the jab – please do not view it as a security blanket. People with sulphide allergies need to be very aware of the preservative ingredients in the brand of shot.Your doctor can help you with this.

If you choose not to have the jab – you have a moral responsibility to make sure you keep those around you safe.

The incubation period for the flu virus is 1 days BEFORE the onset of physical symptoms (the fact you are likely to be feeling more tired than usual is an important clue) and up to 5 days AFTER. Do not go to work; do not allow your children to go to school. Do not visit friends. Quarantine yourself. If you have to go out, wear a mask.

Many people remember the old saying backwards. You feed a cold and STARVE a fever. So be aware of the difference between a head cold and the flu. Some of the symptoms are similar, but the flu will knock you sideways, and there will be a fever. As soon as there is a fever, make sure you do what you need to keep it down, and drink plenty of warm fluids.

If you get a cold…definitely feed it healthy foods and supplement with herbs or vitamins. Drug it, if you want, but remember you are contagious, and just because you take something that makes you feel better, doesn’t take the contagion factor away. Do you really want to share?

Non-contagious proactive support – if you are into homeopathy, then there are ways of vaccinating against the flu and other diseases with homeopathic remedies. One flu remedy that I use can be found locally or here at it’s creator’s website:

In general, keep your immune system boosted throughout the year; know your personal immuno-depressant triggers (sugar, wet hair, stress, etc); get decent sleep; drink plenty of warm, healthy fluids; exercise in the fresh air regularly; and pay attention to your diet. I know it sounds like something your grandmother would say – well, it is: it’s common sense.

Somewhere in all this pharma-dependency, we have lost sight of true old-fashioned common sense. All the logic and intellect in the world, cannot make up for that.

Stay healthy and safe, everyone.

(1) Influenza-related Mortality study: