True Love Needs No Protection


There is nothing better than getting together with a friend, particularly one who you’ve not seen in a long while…years, in fact. Except…when the tea date is scheduled on a day when a migraine has decided to end your world.

This is how, I came to hear the message, but not really understand it, until I emailed the next day to ask for clarification. Somehow, ‘true love needs no protection’ turned into, ‘if the Pope allows women into the church, I shall join a seminary’!!!

I kid you not.

Anyway, a simple email cleared everything up, and since then, the words that Chental Wilson, author of Can I Be Me, Without Losing You? have come up in almost every conversation I have had. I have passed on these words in so many emails, that I decided they needed a blog of their own.

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Since the Spring equinox, I have felt this to be a definite time for transformation, and for getting in tune with ‘authentic self’. Part of my process is being ever more present, and oddly, avoiding people and situations where societal (often derogatory) labels are being used. You know, racial, gender, religious, sexual, ability slurs…more on that in another blog, coming soon…

Meanwhile, the phrase that keeps coming up to be passed on is ‘true love needs no protection’. Here is what Chental wrote for me the day after our aborted tea party:

“true love needs no protection” – meaning when we unconditionally love ourselves there is nothing that can harm us, therefore we need no protection.  We have been conditioned to believe that our hearts are fragile and need protecting when in fact “true love needs no protection”.

When we are in this state of unconditional love our vibrational frequency is so high that it cannot be affected by others who are vibrating on lower frequencies. Therefore we do not need protection, we are the light.

As we love ourselves unconditionally we will naturally love others this way also and then as you can imagine there is nothing to be done, only to be.

Being around dark beings or low vibrational beings can effect us but only if we are unaware of the effect they are having.. For instance when we love unconditionally we have no expectation of ourselves or others to be different than they are in this moment so therefore we accept and trust and allow. However, when we do not accept this we upset our own vibrational frequency because of our conditioning we then allow our ego to take over and get entwined in the lower vibrations of others and then this starts to effect our own frequency. We have to be aware and mindful of this.

Awareness of thyself is the key. We are learning to live with our egos but to know and discern when they are along as the driver or passengers of our lives.. any time your experience a “need” it’s the ego, when you are feeling the “allowance and letting go” it’s the true self.”

It isn’t necessarily anything new…this has been talked about before.  And we need to hear it NOW.

It’s the chain of events that led to this utterance, which is particularly appealing as well. Chental was recently called to write to the Pope about women being allowed entry into the Catholic church (hence my own migraine fueled seminary dream). While gathering the courage to actually send her letter, a series of synchronicities occurred, including a friend calling her to see an ancient text, in which these words ‘true loves needs no protection’ were found. And that was it…that was what she needed to hear to put the letter in the post.


Meanwhile, I was chatting (over wine, this time) to another old friend and former quantum colleague about the soul – as in, not being here to follow some soul purpose, but in fact to polish up our own rough diamond soul. She heard what I said, then asked if I had watched a youtube clip by a guy who asked the question: instead of being put on this earth to find and enact our soul purpose, what if the reason we are here is to FIND our Soul. 

No I had not…but the reason we struggle with both (and the reason we live in a society that insists on labeling, and then castigating anyone labelled in a manner not to their liking) is FEAR.

Whether or not we are here to polish/find our soul, the thought does expose us to the folly of continually following something that may or not be relevant to our path. And there are lots of people who continue doing that, all quite intentionally, if naïvely, under the guise of their ’soul purpose’. A lot of it is bound up in past lives, past traumas, past relationships, past beliefs…the fear of repeating the past. The past is the PAST.. 

It is done. It is the road behind us. Now is the time to be walking forward, aware of the past as a lesson, the future as a mirage, and fully grounded in the present. What is here right now. What is around us right now.

While the past creates the present ‘us’, it is our choice to stay stuck in that image, or evolve/adapt and create the ‘us’ we want to be.

I had a dream years ago of walking down a very defined road (imagine the yellow brick road), knowing that I was heading in the right direction. All around me, and at intervals I came across people reading self help books or meditating or dancing or chanting alongside the road edge. Others were walking (with noses in books) in the opposite direction.

When I woke up, I had a renewed sense of being on the right track, and the knowledge that many people on the path find a ‘guru’ or system of enlightenment that they cling to, assuming that it is going to get them to their goal, but they spend all their time not actually working towards the goal, or indeed, even moving away from it. Mostly, because it is really hard in our society to love ourselves. And so we feel we need protection. True love needs NO protection.

As Ganga Giri sings: G.U.R.U – You are You, Fly your own magic carpet.

Which is not to say that you cannot hear the words of others, but DO make your own decisions, based on the resonance that you are moving forward – not stagnating, using a self-help mechanism as a Bodhi tree wannabe, or going in the opposite direction, blinkered by whatever or whomever.

I guess what I am trying to say is this:  if you use the past as an explanation for why you are stuck in the present, and worry that you are not good enough as your key to the future, you will continue to live in fear. As a human being you have freedom of choice. The decisions you make, based on love or based on fear, are what will chain you, or free you. True LOVE needs no protection.